Toyota Gazoo Racing


HUB Rally 2021 – the eagerly awaited adrenaline experience was held at Gaddani Beach, Hub – amidst huge fanfare after an exhilarating and adventure filled two days! The event included all motor sports enthusiasts and celebrities and was a closely fought affair which was a treat for all car enthusiasts – with women and bikers also taking an active part!


Car Enthusiasts and Toyota fans thoroughly enjoyed being able to witness the power of the Toyota Hilux Revo and Toyota Fortuner via the trademark Toyota Fast Fun Fest – where they tested the limits of the car on rough and tough terrain of HUB!

The Hub Rally 2021 results are as follows:

  Position Racer Timing
Prepared A 1st Nadir Magsi 12:36:51
2nd Sahibzada Sultan 12:37:03
3rd Nosherwan Tiwana 12:39:56
Prepared B 1st Saud Majeed 12:40:00
2nd Sultan Bahadur Aziz 12:40:57
3rd Nasir Khan 12:49:35
Prepared C 1st Syed Zaheer Ali 12:39:52
2nd Nadeem Khan 12:41:34
3rd Hmal Hoth 12:41:41
Prepared D 1st Bewragh Mazari 12:41:54
2nd Zafar Baloch 12:41:58
3rd Ijaz Ahmed 12:45:32
Stock A 1st Nawaz Dashti 12:39:05
2nd Jeyand Hoth 12:39:17
3rd Taimoor Khwaja 12:39:25
Stock B 1st Sahibzada sultan fakhar 12:39:25
2nd Rashid Ali Goraya 12:39:57
3rd Shiraz Qureshi 12:43:46
Stock C 1st Major Usman 12:46:18
2nd Nabeel Arshad 12:46:39
3rd Sadiq Khan Mazari 12:48:29
Stock D 1st Shakeel Burchundi 12:43:35
2nd ShahGul Mazari 12:49:50
3rd Mahmeed Mazari 12:51:45
Women category 1st Tushna Patel 12:42:09
2nd Mahum Shiraz 12:54:07
3rd Nida Wasti 12:54:13
Bikes - Motorcross 1st Moin Khan
2nd Umer Khan Rokri
3rd Zaigh Chohan

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