FI 14 Indus Motor Company Limited

Medical Camps

For many years, Indus Motor Company has been providing free medical treatment to the poor Goths of its neighboring area. Two doctors (including one lady doctor) are assigned to run one-hour medical camp at several locations.

With a view to benefiting these deprived localities, IMC has set up a medical facility for the residents of Razaqabad, Kohl Goth and Saleh Muhammad Goth. The weekly OPD clinics held in these locations provide free medical facilities, free medicines and free food supplements to the villagers. Last year alone around 10,000 patients were treated at such medical camps setup by IMC.

This philantrophic service enhances the good reputation and image of IMC in its immediate surroundings, while providing psychosocial support to people and the families of vulnerable populations so they can cope with chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses. IMC also advises family caregivers, counsels patients, and encourages family planning by providing free of cost pills to the populace.