FI 4 Indus Motor Company Limited

Toyota School Environment Program

In partnership with WWF-Pakistan, Indus Motor Company launched “Toyota School Environment Program 2010-11” in Aug 2010 to enhance environmental awareness amongst school-going children by engaging them in hands-on environmental education activities.

The program was conducted in three stages, beginning with Schools Registration, going on to Workshops, Awareness-raising Sessions and 3D Model Making in schools and finally the Nature Carnival 2011, organized on 30th Jan, at PAF Museum, with the official endorsement of the Ministry of Environment.

The Nature Carnival event offered a wide range of information and exciting activities and competition for school children on the environmental issues. 120 schools across Karachi gave presentations on various themes like:

– Say No to plastic bags
– Animals and Plants of Wetlands
– Impact of Air and Water Pollution on Health
– Industrial Waste and Solid Waste Management
– Threats to Blind Indus Dolphin
– Global Warming & Climate Change
– Organic Farming
– Kitchen Gardening and
– Adopt a Tree

The project cost was over Rs. 2.2 million but was highly successful, raising awareness in 25 thousand visitors on the key environmental challenges of the country and inculcating a sense of individual responsibility in the future generation of Pakistan. Dawood Public School was awarded the 1st prize at the Carnival.

The same program was replicated in Islamabad……..