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Pakistan Innovation Foundation

The Challenge invited overwhelming of creative minds from all over Pakistan with unique and innovative ideas in two critical domains. The first challenge was to develop a replicable, scalable and marketable product or process that enhances productivity, reduces energy requirement or reduces industrial waste by at least 33%. The second challenge was to develop an innovative product, service, or tool that complements or enhances the utility of a manufactured product and could have a compelling market potential and cost performance profile for rapid commercialization in Pakistan.

In his remarks during a Press Briefing, Mr Faisal Muneeb Khan, the then Senior General Manager HR, Administration & CSR, IMC, said: “There is paramount need to grow our local industry in order to sustain and develop our economy. Innovation holds the key for Pakistan to not only overcome the existing challenges we are faced with but to also emerge as a key player in the international market. Through the Toyota Manufacturing Innovation Challenge, we are providing an avenue to the talent that exists in Pakistan to come forward and showcase their ideas and bring them to life.”