Toyota - Start Your Impossible

Olympics and Paralympics

Impossible is only a major word tossed around by people who think that its less demanding to live in a world they've been offered than to investigate the power they need to transform it. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. A dare to move forward. A dare to except challenges. A dare to make it possible.

Toyota is honored to be a Worldwide Partner of the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee through the 2024 Games.

'Start Your Impossible' is Toyota's global corporate initiative that aims to inspire employees, partners & customers. In an age of accelerating technological & environmental developments, Toyota aims to support the creation of a more inclusive, sustainable & mobile society in which everyone has the freedom to move & challenge their impossible.

Every human being has an "impossible", regardless of where they’re from or what they do. Mobility is a basic right that everyone should have, be it everyday people or Olympic & Paralympic athletes. Everyone should have the chance to take on their "impossible" & achieve the best they can.

Our hope is that people from around the world will embrace this philosophy & get involved by challenging their possible through the journey to the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 & beyond.