IR Policy


To maintain an active and open dialogue with the security analysts, shareholders and potential investors regarding the Company’s historical performance and future prospects.


Policy Statement

I MC is committed to fair disclosure of the Company information without advantage to any particular investor or analyst and seeks to provide current and potential shareholders with appropriate information necessary to make reasoned and informed decisions about investment in IMC equity.


Our Investor Relations –IR Policy:

(i) prohibits the selective disclosure of material, nonpublic information about the Company,

(ii) sets forth procedures designed to prevent such disclosure, and

(iii) provides for the broad, public distribution of material information regarding IMC.

At all times IMC will guard the Company’s need for confidentiality about key business and operating strategies & SECP’s directive on nonpublic earnings guidance.


IR Policy Guidelines


•  Disclosure Process

IMC will communicate its anticipated approach to disclosure in general and compliance with the SECP regulation by posting the Investor Relations policy on the web site .


•  Communication Channels

The CEO or Director Finance or Director Corporate Planning will be the primary contacts who may communicate on behalf of the Company to analysts, securities market professionals, institutional investors, and major shareholders of the Company.


•  Quarterly Earnings Release & Analyst Briefing

IMC will release earnings information quarterly as required by stock exchange soon after the accounts are reviewed by the Board of Directors at date to be announced publicly and post the same on the Company Web site which will be followed by an Analyst briefing, date and venue to be posted on web site and communicated to the Karachi Stock Exchange.


•  Analyst Earnings Models and Reports

IMC will not share earnings projections and will not provide focused guidance to analysts in their efforts to develop earnings estimates.


•  Closed Period

IMC expects to observe a “closed period,” at time of finalizing quarterly / annual earnings during which the Company will not participate in any further one-on-one or group conversations that relate to the Company’s financial performance or current business activities Presentations. Duration of this period to be posted on website.


•  Responding to Market Rumors

The Company does not have a general duty to monitor and to correct or verify rumors in the market place unless such rumors can be attributed to IMC or the stock exchange requests disclosure when the rumor is causing unusual trading activity in IMC shares. Generally, IMC will adopt a “no comment” policy with respect to rumors that are not attributable to IMC and will take precautions to ensure that it is not the source of rumors.


For further information all inquires on the IR policy should be addressed to Company Secretary.


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