IMC Volunteers to Collect Strewn Flags Post Independence Day Celebrations

IMC Volunteers to Collect Strewn Flags Post Independence Day Celebrations scaled Indus Motor Company Limited

Celebrating 14th August with patriotic fervor is every Pakistani citizen’s privilege and as responsible citizens, upholding the national flag’s sanctity and showing it due respect is our principal duty. Indus Motor Company (IMC), organized a drive to salvage national flags strewn around the city of Karachi under the slogan “Respect Our Nation’s Pride.”

The Independence Day generates a lot of energy and enthusiasm across the country. Every city and neighbourhood decorated with national flags, buntings, balloons etc, is a sight to behold. However, these flags which earlier were fluttering high above ground, are unfortunately found hanging torn, in garbage heaps or strewn on the ground, waiting to be carelessly trampled under-foot, an insult to our national pride.

To mitigate the incidence of desecration of this national symbol, IMC for the fifth running year, set out on a drive for collection of national flags and buntings littered around the city on 15th August 2022. IMC employees, under the Employee Volunteering Program participated in the activity moving along pre-determined routes spanning the city.

IMC’s Chief Executive, Ali Asghar Jamali expressed, “14th August for every Pakistani anywhere around the world, holds a lot of value as does the qaumi parcham. The excitement is definitely contagious. However, in all that excitement, it is really sad to see the flags and buntings being so recklessly disrespected. This initiative under our Employee Volunteering Program is just a reminder for all of us to be mindful of our responsibility and give the National Flag the respect it deserves.”

The activity also generated public interest, who also joined in, considering it a civic duty, and also appreciated IMC’s efforts.