IMC Initiates Drive to Collect Strewn Flags Post Independence Day Celebrations

IMC Initiates Drive to Collect Strewn Flags Post Independence Day Celebrations

Karachi: Following 14th August celebrations, Indus Motor Company (IMC) launched a drive to gather national flags littered around the city of Karachi under the Company’s ‘Clean Pakistan Drive’.

Pakistan’s National Day is celebrated every year across the country with much enthusiasm and national pride. The celebration is incomplete without the wide range of decorations available on sale, top-seller being the national flag, which comes in all forms and sizes. In all the excitement, these buntings find the way to the ground, littering wide expanses of area across the city, sadly leading to the un-avoidable under-foot trampling.

To mitigate the incidence of desecration of this national symbol, IMC for the third running year, set out on a drive for collection of national flags buntings littered around the city on 15th August 2020. Employees of IMC, under the Employee Volunteering Program participated in the activity moving along pre-determined routes spanning the city.

On the occasion Ali Asghar Jamali, CEO IMC expressed, “Celebrating Pakistan’s National Day with patriotic fervor is every Pakistani citizen’s privilege but at the same time upholding sanctity and showing due respect for the national flag is our principal duty. IMC under the ‘Clean Pakistan Drive’ has launched this initiative to gather flags found strewn on roads and open spaces across the city of Karachi by our team of volunteers. Mindful of the company’s Safety First policy, the team engaged in the activity strictly following all safety protocols for protection against the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The activity sparked interest in the general public too who considering it a civic duty, also briefly participated.