IMC Conducts 5S Clean Drive at Sea View


Karachi, August 15:  Indus Motor Company conducted a 5S beach cleaning drive at sea view Karachi after Independence Day’s celebration. 5S is a Toyota philosophy which contains 5 principles, all of which revolve around ensuring a clean, neat and organized work space to maximize efficiency. Employees volunteered to apply the 5S concept to garbage fallen on the beach post-independence day celebrations.


CEO IMC Ali Asghar Jamali said that “The key is not to collect garbage but to dispose it responsibly.” He also said that “The idea behind the drive is to share this Toyota practice with the community as well so that more people can benefit. At the moment, waste management is one of the biggest issues in Pakistan and especially in Karachi. IMC, being a socially responsible corporate citizen and firm believer in the Sustainable Development Goals, has taken up the challenge of making Karachi a sustainable city. “