Hub Rally 2019


This private racing track was surrounded by mountains along with a 11km track with a 100% visibility which made it a treat for the audience to watch Toyota Hilux, Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Fortuners and many others in action. Hub Rally has garnered a lot of attention as more female rally drivers, sports stars, and celebrities joined the event. This event was based on following four categories;


  1. Fast Fun Fest activity for Customers, Media, Television and Sports celebrities
  2. Female Stock category competition for Amateurs
  3. Male Stock Category for Amateurs
  4. Race of Prepared Category

The Hub Rally 2019 results are as follows:


Position Racer Timing
Prepared A 1st Asif Imam 8:33
2nd Nadeem Khan 9:32
3rd Irfan Mian 10:00
Prepared B 1st Amer Magsi 8:23
2nd Sahibzada Bahadur 9:23
3rd Muhammad Dhanji 9:49
Prepared C 1st Shiraz Qureshi 8:41
2nd Kashif Khan 9:17
3rd Bewragh Mazari 9:47
Stock A 1st Mansoor Haleem 8:27
2nd Ahmed Imam 8:47
3rd Mir Nawaz 8:55
Stock B 1st Ronnie Patel 9:13
2nd Naveed Wasti 9:36
3rd Umer Farooq 9:39
Stock C 1st Bebark Balouch 10:04
2nd Nasir Khan 10:16
3rd Shad Ali Khan 10:28
Prepared Women 1st Salma Khan 9:13
2nd Tushna Patel 9:44
3rd Asma Asif 12:02