Hiace Deluxe | Toyota Indus


Semi-bonneted Front-end Design.

The engine has been relocated in a semi bonneted front end configuration. This helps provide a powerful, stable and quiet ride.

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Evolving ‘Reliability, Robustness & Functional Beauty’ which represent Hiace-ness.

The design expresses solid functional beauty and linear dynamism in form of high quality transportation

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Rear Seats

A combination of synthetic leather & fabric, highlighting the excellent detailing & workmanship

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Safety Technology Supporting World-Class Quality

Equipped with various technologies—from active safety, which dramatically enhances peace-of-mind, to passive safety that minimizes damage in the event of a collision. These technologies engender safety and security for both the driver and passengers.

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Hiace Tourer

058 White
4R4 Beige ME
1E7 Silver M.M
8Q6 Light Blue ME