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Habib University Foundation

Appropriate nurturing of human potential is essential for the creation of a socially responsible society. The Habib Univeristy is envisioned as a world-class research-based undergraduate institution, which aims to redefine higher education by becoming a true centre of reflective knowledge that will spark constructive dialogue and provide a platform for civic engagement in Pakistan. The university is uniquely positioned to draw the knowledge and skills required to address emerging challenges of the twenty first century and beyond. It has effectively established its footprint as an iconic centre of liberal arts and sciences education offering a truly transformative learning experience with the aim to produce critically conscious, ambitious and determined graduates who will build a name for themselves individually and positively impact their society.

Subscribing to the national cause, we contributed Rs 83 million during 2016-17, while our accumulative contribution to this institutions stands at around Rs 200 million and we plan to stay connected supporting the institution in future.