FI Indus Motor Company Limited

Goth Education Program

Education is the catalyst for transformation of society. With this believe, Indus Motor in 2008 initiated its Toyota – Goth Education Program (TGEP) and provides educational support to underpriviledged and poor communities reside adjacent to IMC’s facilities.

Aiming at to spread literacy, encourage positive social and mental upbringing and to give hope for a better future, initailly 50 children were enrolled in this program and presently there are around 250 children enrolled and are getting academic education upto secondary level from neary schools of TCF. Full support is being provided by IMC to all the enrolled students to meet their educational expenses, like school’s tuition fees, Board’s registration fee, books and stationery, uniform, school bags, etc.

This project creates a favorable reputation for Toyota and enhances corporate image in the neighboring communities as well as in the company’s employees. The running cost of this program comes to at around Rs 2 million per year.