FI 13 Indus Motor Company Limited

Food and Ration Distribution

IMC follows a regular practice of food distribution to neighboring villagers. Begun in May 20, 2005, this activity is still a mainstay of our CSR efforts, and has been developed to include three distinct segments.

The first is a weekly distribution of lunch, served every Wednesday to about 1,000 or more people. This is provided in the form of ‘chicken biryani’, with each packet weighing around 1.25 kg.

A special push is made in Ramzan as the second part of our food distribution program. This includes an amount of PKR 350,000 that is allocated for the distribution during Ramazan. Rations distributed during this time were in the shape of packages, each containing 10 kg of Wheat flour, 5 kg of Rice, 2.5 kg of Gram, 2 kg Sugar, and 2.5 kg of Habib Cooking Oil, etc for a total of 22.3 kg per pack.

A total of 150 such packages were distributed to over 150 families of the deprived neighborhoods, mainly in Abdullah Goth, Mamoo Machi Goth and Usman Khaskhili Goth. 10 widows from Moosa Goth were also given a package, while large families of more than 7 members were given two packages each.