First Free Service

What is First Free Service?


Toyota is committed in providing Quality Service and convenience to its customers. As a Toyota owner you are entitled to First Free Service of your newly purchased vehicle at 1,000KM (600 miles). The maintenance service is performed in accordance with your Owner’s Manual at no charges except for any consumables (lubricants, fluids or filters is used). To make it more convenient for you, First Free Service is paperless now. No hassle of coupons or booklet.


How to avail my First Free Service?

You can avail it in simple 3 steps:

Keep an eye on the odometer, see when it crosses 1,000KM (600 miles).

Book an appointment at your nearest Toyota Authorized dealership, to save from trouble of waiting.

Toyota trained technicians inspect your vehicle based on standard check sheet, to make sure that your vehicle is running smoothly.