Experiential Drive 2019 – An Extreme Off-Roading Experience


Ever experienced a SUV off-road? No? Well, Toyota Pakistan has a treat for you. Let us introduce to you The Experiential Drive 2019- A thrilling adventure on surge tracks.


Toyota Pakistan has sprinted through another year of extravaganza at the Experiential Drive 2019. The event was held on the 21st and 22nd September 2019 at Karachi. The unsurpassed event was a thrilling experience of power pack performance of Toyota Hilux Revo and Toyota Fortuner on the most twisting and undulating paved tracks.


The event, began with Toyota representatives giving safety briefing, and providing adventure enthusiasts a chance to drive experience the drive of Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Revo across bumpy, side inclines, customized tracks.


The experience includes a demonstration various off-road features of Toyota Revo Hilux and Toyota Revo, including the HAC (Hill Start Assist Control) and DAC (Downhill Assist Control), and demonstrate its effortless power.


Features of Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Hilux Revo



The newly developed 1GD engine provides exceptional accelerated performance that lets you face everyday hurdles with renewed confidence.


Off-roading controls

The Fortuner Sigma-4’s off-road system is one of the most capable ones out there, with the right amount of computer driven involvement that doesn’t takes away the fun from off-roading and adventure.


Differential Lock

The differential locks help secure traction when driving In muddy terrain or in unlikely situations when the vehicle gets stuck.


The Hill Start Assistant Control

The feature lets the vehicle climb on slopes without sliding backwards when you let go of the brakes.



Downhill Assist Control, otherwise known as HDC or Hill Descent Control. That’s a system which permits very slow speed, steep hill descents by braking individual wheels. Operates under 30 km/h, and only in 4WD high or low range, and with the rear differential lock disabled.


Customers Testimonials


Participants were gives first-hand experience where off-road experts and Toyota representatives briefed them about the performance of Toyota Hilux and Toyota Revo, its capabilities and features. They were also taken to a drive by a professional off-road trainer.


Here are some of the customer testimonials:


“I have not seen any other car to date that can tackle such extreme inclines”

“I can’t believe that the car managed everything using regular, not off-road tyres,”

“Initially, I thought it was a nice and decent car, but once I drove it, I realised it’s a monster!”


To conclude, the Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Hilux Revo offer great value for money and gives a decent mileage.


Toyota Experiential Drive 2019 will be hosted by cities all over Pakistan. Be a part of its journey and experience the thrill and adventure.