FI 5 Indus Motor Company Limited

Childhood Blindness Prevention Program

To safeguard the critical faculty of sight in children, Indus Motor Company set up Eye-camps in its several surrounding villages, in association with Mother & Child Care Clinics, a leading NGO in the field. The outreach teams provided free screening, spectacles, and necessary basic eye treatment to the young residents of Razzaqabad, Abdullah Goth & Yousuf Goth.

According to WHO, there are 1.4 million blind children affected worldwide, mostly in the developing world. However, more than half a million of these blindness cases can be avoided by treating diseases and correcting abnormalities at birth. Only a few thousand rupees can fund a sight-restoring surgery for a person who would otherwise experience a life filled with missed opportunities.

Eliminating preventable blindness in the IMC ‘s vicinity is a major social investment as it can reinstate patient’s self-esteem by restoring their eyesight, and enable as many as 65 years of productive life for each child.

Around 2,000 children up to 15 years age were screened in the program, at a pilot investment cost of PKR 575,000. Surgical treatment of Cataract, Ptosis, and Squint, for 20 patients, identified in the initial screening, would be carried out at Memon Medical Institute, Karachi (a panel hospital of the MCC)