Indus Motor Company Limited

Technical Division

  • QA QC 1 Indus Motor Company Limited

    Production Control & Logistics

    PC&L department is a core function which focuses on supply chain management. Production Control focuses on monitoring and controlling of particular production, task of predicting, planning and scheduling of work.
    And Logistics function cover the planning, implementation and controlling in effective and efficient ways to store consumables, provide services and related information between point of origin and point of consumption.

  • QA QC 1 Indus Motor Company Limited

    Maintenance Department

    The main function is to perform controlling and technical analysis of all equipments in order to establish safe, smooth and efficient operation of plant machinery through preventive, corrective and predictive strategies.





  • QA QC 1 Indus Motor Company Limited

    Safety, Health & Environment

    At IMC, Health and Safety is our top priority. We are committed to provide safe processes and equipment to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all.







  • Production Indus Motor Company Limited


    Looking after daily production of vehicles. Includes Weld, Paint and Assemble Lines.

  • Production Engineering Indus Motor Company Limited

    Production Engineering

    This department is responsible for improving production process and implementing new projects to remove bottle necks form our processes.

  • QA QC Indus Motor Company Limited

    QA & QC

    Making sure that we meet all Toyota Quality standards before delivering vehicle to customer.

  • Product Development Commercial Indus Motor Company Limited

    Product Development & Commercial

    product development department is responsible for Product Localization which includes vendor development, ensuring quality and timely supply of all localized parts and regulatory issues.

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