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Advantages of Genuine Body Parts

1.1 Protection of Passengers:

Basically, occupant’s safety is improved by combining the following features:

    1. A body that absorbs impact energy in an effective manner
    2. A reinforced cabin that ensures survival space for the occupants
    3. Restraint devices that protect the occupants

Front and rear of body absorbs the impact of collision to help protect passengers in the cabin and reduce injuries.
The important point here is that the front and rear of the body absorb impact more easily than the cabin.

1.2 Compatibility

During a head-on collision between a compact and full-sized vehicle, collision impact from the full-sized vehicle is absorbed and dispersed throughout to decrease deformation to the compact vehicle. The strengthened cabin of the compact vehicle suppresses the impact from a full-sized vehicle

1.3 Pedestrian Protection

Firstly, the bumper absorber absorbs the leg impact and the bumper absorber lower brings up the legs to prevent the pedestrian from getting into under the vehicle.
Then, the pedestrian falls towards the vehicle side and gets on the hood and fender.
Impact absorbing structure is adopted in Hood, Fender, and Cowl Panel to absorb the head impact.
A pedestrian-injury lessening structure is adopted for the following areas.
(1) Radiator Support Lower
(2) Engine Hood
(3) Hood Hinge
(4) Cowl Top Outer Front Panel
(5) Front Fender Apron

1.4 Damage-ability and Repair-ability

The vehicle has high damage-ability i-e resistant to damage in a low-speed collision.
The ability to keep the range and level of damage at a minimum is improved by optimized structure and design of the body and mechanical parts.
Next, repair-ability is quite low which refers to how easily a damaged vehicle can be repaired.
Repairs are made easier by optimizing workability and part supply configurations for restorative repair of damaged areas.
Phase 2:
To educate the customers on individual parts

2.1 Front Bumper Section

Front Bumper is a part which receives an impact force first in a front-end collision.
The part is designed to minimize damage on the other party and itself, regardless of whether the other party is a pedestrian or an object.

2.2 Front Bumper Retainer

The Front Bumper Cover is joined to the Front Fender. So, if the Bumper Cover is moved back, the force is transmitted to the Front Fender.
This Prevents the impact force applied to Bumper Cover from transmitting to Front Fender. (Damage-ability)

2.3 Front Bumper Absorber

– Absorbs the leg impact (Lessening Pedestrian Injury)

2.4 Crush Box

This part is commonly known as Crush Box, but may be referred to as Front Bumper Arm, Front Side Member Bracket, or a part of Bumper Reinforcement.

2.5 Hood

– The car is designed to have a short hood and a large Front Bumper Cover. Short Hood reduces the possibility of a collision (Damage-ability)

2.6 Education on Replacement of Parts

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