IMC Encourage Young Engineers and Entrepreneurs, Parvez Ghias

Karachi, January 14: Indus Motor Company (IMC) has sponsored a group of Pakistani students who would showcase two cars they designed for a global environment event, being held in Philippines from February 25 to March 03.

20 students from National University of Science and Technology (NUST) who designed two vehicles (urban type and prototype) will take part in a competition where the vehicle covering the maximum distance, using least amount of energy, would stand out as a winner.

‘The Prototype category is a concept car that is developed keeping in view the futuristic needs of fuel-efficiency. This three-wheeled vehicle has to be designed keeping a prime focus on drag reduction and maximum fuel efficiency,’ said Hassam Ahmed, team manager of Prototype concept car.

And the Urban category is a conventional four-wheeled vehicle that can match the attributes of a modern-day vehicle with an enhanced efficiency of fuel, informed Mohammad Usama Mumtaz, team manager of Urban type concept car.

Modified 70 cc gasoline engine, carbon fiber body, GPS based solution, safety sensors, proximity sensors and an interactive interface to communicate with the driver are some of the key features of this eco car.

‘We feel it is our responsibility to support this wonderful effort of the country’s youth. This is simply a matter of honor for Indus Motor Company to enable students to represent Pakistan at a prestigious international forum,’ said Parvez Ghias, CEO of IMC.

Parvez Ghias added that engineering projects, especially of international stature, are particularly difficult to pursue in a struggling economy and we must encourage our young engineers and entrepreneurs to come forward and lead the way.

‘When it comes to research and innovation, Pakistani students are equally capable of coming up with solutions needed for an ever-changing world. Hence, we are enabling them to turn their ideas into realities, it would for sure help our automobile industry in future,’ added Parvez Ghias.