This is in reference to the advertisement published in newspapers on 12th and 13th January 2016.

As part of Toyota’s Global Campaign and Indus Motors Company’s continuous commitment to Customer Satisfaction, we are under taking a Special Service Campaign for the following models.

  • Toyota Hilux – Imported Model (2007 to 2011) – Driver side Airbag Inflator
  • Toyota RAV4 (Model 2003 to 2005)* – Driver side Airbag Inflator
  • Toyota Avensis (Model 2003 to 2004)* – Front Passenger side Airbag Inflator

The above vehicles are equipped with SRS airbags. The inflators of these airbags may be exposed to moisture intrusion over time. Moisture intrusion could make the inflator assembly more susceptible to rupture during a crash, resulting in potentially serious injuries to the vehicle occupants.

If your vehicle falls in above mentioned models, please contact any Toyota Authorized Dealership and make an immediate appointment to have the airbag inflator replaced free of cost.

We thank you for your continued patronage.


*Affected Vehicles’ Frame Number for RAV4 and Avensis:


 JTEHH20V- 300264392, 000265922, 300268183, X00268214, 500268234, 900270049, 800271466, X00275163, X00278046, 600293479, 800300190, 100306347, 605002157, 705004645, 705005102, 605005916, 205006271, 105006343, 905006350, 805006551, 005013672.


SB1BH55L – 90E010213, 30E016119, 60E032007, 30E034264, 70E034302, 40E034306, X0E034312, 40E034323, 90E034334, 10E036286, 50E040907, 20E040959, 70E059751, 80E075540