Toyota Gazoo Racing


Hub Rally 2020 – a one of its kind adventurous experience that was held at Hub Balochistan on the 19th of January. The event included one of the most renowned motor sports celebrities participating in the race which was a treat for all the car enthusiasts. The women racers also participated at the Hub Rally and aced the race.


Toyota Fans had the time of their lives in the recently held Hub rally. The trademark Toyota Fast Fun Fest took place at the Hub rally which allowed off-roading enthusiasts to test the tough terrain of Hub with the powerful Toyota Hilux Revo and Toyota Fortuner. Apart from the Hub Rally, the audience also got a chance to drive on the bumpy and rugged tracks so they can experience the power performance of Toyota vehicles.

The Hub Rally 2020 results are as follows:

Position Racer Timing
Prepared A 1st Sahibzada Sultan 00:14:02
2nd Ronnie Patel 00:14:23
3rd Asif Imam 00:15:21
Prepared B 1st Nauman Saranjam 00:15:10
2nd Irfan Mian 00:17:03
3rd Malik Babar 00:19:55
Prepared C 1st Nadeem khan 00:15:25
2nd Meer Nawaz Dashti 00:16:27
3rd Kashif Khan 00:17:32
Prepared D 1st Beiwargh Mazari 00:15:49
2nd Mahmeed Mazart 00:17:48
3rd Nasrullah Khan 00:17:58
Stock A 1st Jeeyand Hoth 00:15:29
2nd Shoaib Malik 00:16:56
3rd Bismillah Magsi 00:17:08
Stock B 1st Ali magsi 00:16:15
2nd Mansoor Haleem 00:16:44
3rd M.Ali Magsi 00:16:55
Stock C 1st Maj. Usman malik 00:18:27
2nd M. Shareef rajput 00:18:35
3rd Nabeel Arshad 00:21:21
Women category 1st Tushna Patel 00:17:49
2nd Khadija Shareef 00:21:09

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