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Cholistan Rally 2020

Tourism development Corporation of Punjab brings the Cholistan Jeep Rally 2020, an off-road race experience, powered by Indus Motor Company. The 2020 rally will mark the 15th time that this action-packed event will be staged.

The annual event takes place in the Cholistan desert and is a platform to showcase the history and rich culture of this tourist destination as well as a unique opportunity for the motorsports enthusiasts of the country to explore their talent.

The terrains of Cholistan boasts tough and sandy landscapes that will put the competitors on their toes and only the person with the best skills and resilience will be able to win the rally against all odds.


In a test of endurance as well as speed, more than 100 racers, driving SUV's and trucks while thousands of visitors will be able to see the spectacle as it unfolds, between 13th & 16th February, 2020. It is indeed an event that cannot be missed.

Apart from the Jeep Rally, Fast Fun Fest will also be a part of the event for all the car enthusiasts experience the power performance of Toyota vehicles that are known across the globe as being durable and reliable on such terrains such as Toyota Hilux Revo.

Position Racer Timing
Prepared A 1st Nadir Magsi 04:28:51
2nd Asif Fazal Chaudhry 04:37:49
3rd Faisal Khan Shadikhel 04:39:43
Prepared B 1st Qasim Saidhi 04:51:19
2nd Nauman Saranjam Khan 04:53:54
3rd Owais Khakwani 04:55:33
Prepared C 1st Gohar Sangi 05:15:57
2nd Mian Rafiq Ahmed 05:18:01
3rd Mukesh Kumar Chawla 05:20:05
Prepared D 1st Zafar Khan Baloch 05:15:27
2nd Falak Sher Khan 05:22:32
3rd M Iqbal Kanju 05:26:39
Stock A 1st Malik Zahid 2:46:08
2nd Amer Magsi 2:47:59
3rd M Raza Saeed 2:50:34
Stock B 1st Rashid Ali 2:42:10
2nd Sultan M. Bahadur Aziz 2:43:48
3rd Mansoor Halim 2:50:08
Stock C 1st Ahsan Ijaz 3:00:47
2nd Muhammad Hassan Jhandir 3:02:36
3rd Asad Ullah Marwat 3:13:22
Stock D 1st Areeb Haider Channer 3:17:22
2nd Abdul Manan Sheikh 3:23:08
3rd Kaleem Khan 3:32:22
Women category 1st Tushna Patel 1:37:04
2nd Maham Shiraz 1:45:25
3rd Salma Marwat 1:52:36
Bike category 1st Moin Khan
2nd Shamyl Haider
3rd Naeem Khan

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