Toyota Fortuner

A grand look, exhibiting an attitude to take on extreme challenges of today and tomorrow.
Driven forward with power and purpose, your all-new
Fortuner is a statement of the class you’ve earned.

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Take Control

To enhance the interior mood, leather upholstery on the seats, arm rests and door panels provides a luxurious effect where color accent stitching exudes finishing with elegance. The all-new Fortuner comes with wood grain pattern provide a lasting hint of authenticity that completes the progressive overlook.


Sleek Intensity

Power speaks with every angle in a manner that is beyond comparison. Tough, futuristic and distinctive, the all-new Fortuner is easily marked as the most remarkable of its kind.

Modern yet staunch in its presence, the rear view offers a classy impression with emphasis on a simplistic approach while cleanliness and a bold representation of its name creates a sleek identity.


Refined Performance

A performance inspired engine that contributes to your journey’s peace, allowing an atmosphere of exclusive luxury to envelop the rider and permitting you to travel with calmness as the all-new Fortuner takes you to your destination.



2TR – FE Petrol Engine



6-Speed-Sequential Transmission.


Paddle Shifter


All-Terrain Performance

The all-new Fortuner now comes with an electric transfer switch that allows you to switch your Fortuner to 2WD or 4WD mode according to terrain on high and low speeds. The 3-mode transfer switch is enhanced with auto-disengaging rear differential lock which allows you unprecedented control in tricky or steep terrains so you can focus on navigation and let your Fortuner handle the surface.


Dynamic Composition

With an impressively formidable framework and expanded interior space, the structural strength is unmatched. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, the underbody coverage also prevents moisture and dirt from penetrating.


Enhanced Braking Performance

In case of sudden hurdles, the Automatic Braking System with larger disk brake, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and brake assist, individually engages the wheels according to weight distribution for extreme control.


Well-Being Ensured

*The all-new Fortuner comes equipped with Dual Front and newly introduced Knee Airbag on the driver side to protect the occupants in the unlikely event of an accident.

**The rear seats are equipped with a universal ISOFIX child seat anchor for compatible child seats.

Disclaimer: *Please refer to the Owner’s Manual for details.
Disclaimer: **Child seats not included.



The all-new Fortuner comes with a wireless jack knife key that avoids vehicle theft*. The Toyota Security System also includes an audible alarm to allow you to find your vehicle in a parking lot or raise an alarm in case of intrusion.

Disclaimer: *IMC will not be responsible for vehicle theft.

Available Colors

Color Range

*The actual colors of vehicle may
vary from the colors shown.



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