Management Team

Mr. Ali S. Habib


Mr. Yuji Takarada
(Vice Chairman)


Mr. Ali Asghar Jamali
(Chief Executive Officer)


Corporate Strategy & Regulatory Affairs

Mr. Tariq A. Khan
(Senior Director)



Mr. Mohammad Aqeel Loon
(Chief Financial Officer)

Mr. Muhammad Arif Anzer
(Company Secretary)


Information Technology and Administration

Mr. Islamuddin Zafar
(General Manager, Admininstration)

Mr. Faizan Mustafa
(General Manager, Information Technology)


Technical Division

Mr. Raheel Asghar
(Senior Director)

Mr. Sadatoshi Kashihara
( Director)

Mr. Wali Muhammad Khan
(General Manager, Plant Administration)

Mr. Muhammad Sajid
(General Manager, Plant Engineering & Maintenance)

Mr. Rizwan Pirzada
(General Manager, Product Development)


After Sales – Customer First

Mr. Ali Asghar Damani
(Head of Aftersales)


Human Resource and Legal Affairs

Mr. Mohammad Ibadullah
(Senior General Manager Human Resource and Legal Affairs)

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