New Dark Grey upper interior with wood grain finish


Comfortable Seats

Partial Leather Interior

Steering Control

4-Spoke Steering with Cruise Control

Power Steering

Tilt & Telescopic Power Steering

Extra Storage

Sunroof Panel with extra Storage

6 Speed Manual Transmission

For drivers who like the responsive feel and hands-on control of a manual gear shift, the Corolla Hatch is fitted with a proven 6-Speed Manual transmission system. The gear ratios are set to give you the power when you need it with ample mid-range acceleration and excellent fuel economy when you're cruising on the highway.

Shift Lever:
The design, touch to the hand, and ease of use of the shift lever were all carefully considered to give an excellent operational feel. The gate shifter allows smoother changing of gears while preventing missed shifts.

Automatic Transmission

Automatic Gate Type Gear Shift with Super ECT

Available in 1.6L Altis Cruisetronic & 1.6L GLI


Sleek Head Lamps

Dynamic Front Grill

Side Mirrors

Alloy Rims

195/65 R15 Alloy Rims

Crystal Tail Lights

Power Window


Superior combustion efficiency

New generation ZR engines replace the conventional ZZ engines. Combustion efficiency has been pursued in the new engine by enhancing intake efficiency and reducing friction of components. These measures resulted in enhancing low to mid speed range torque and high speed range output, and contributed to reducing CO² emissions and fuel consumption.

New ZR Engines have the following distinct advantages:

  • High performance, low fuel consumption, comfort, and cleanliness balanced on a high dimension.
  • Reduced friction of components for enhanced fuel efficiency.
  • Optimized intake port shape for enhanced low to mid range torque.


Monitors driving style to help reduce fuel consumption. The indication light turns on when driving in the economy zone.


Whiplash Injury Lessening (WIL) through active headrest.

SRS Air Bag


Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) prevents wheel lock ups when braking on hard or slippery surfaces.

Altis M/T

Altis Cruisetronic

Altis M/T Sunroof

Altis Cruisetronic Sunroof

Sportivo 1.6L MT

Sportivo 1.6L AT


Variant Ex-Factory Price
Altis M/T 1.6 PKR. 1,909,000/-
Altis M/T 1.6 Sunroof PKR. 2,004,000/-
Altis A/T 1.6 PKR. 2,009,000/-
Altis A/T 1.6 Sunroof PKR. 2,099,000/-
Corolla 2.OD PKR. 1,902,000/-
* The prices are suggested Retail Prices, ex-factory Karachi, per unit inclusive of 17% Sales Tax.
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