Roles & Departments

Non Technical Division

  1. Finance
    1. Budget/Treasury/Costing: Looks after all departmental and project budget including investment made by the company.
    2. Costing/MIS/Taxation: Making payments to the required vendors and various tax calculations.
  2. Human Resources: HR department is responsible for Talent Acquisition, Organizational Development, Industrial Relations and Performance Management.
  3. Corporate Planning: Responsible for managing strategic business plan, takes care of all internal and external communication. Also looks after public and government affairs.
  4. Internal Audit: Internal auditing provides value to governing bodies and senior management as an objective source of independent advice.
  5. Information Technology: Responsible for smooth operation of all Information Technology system including SAP.
  6. Sales & Marketing:
    1. Sales: Behind monitoring sales target by our 3S dealerships looks after computerized order intake from dealerships, invoicing and daily sales administration issues.
    2. Marketing Planning: responsible for Products Forecast, Planning, Promotion and implementing the marketing strategies.
    3. Customer First Department: Catering our after sales operational and service issues with the help of our 3S dealership’s service department and supplying and making sure all our 3S dealerships are equipped with enough genuine Toyota spare parts and also dealing with counterfeit and regulatory issues with Government.
  7. Administration: This department looks after logistics, transportation of employees, security of plant and employees and also canteen facility.

Technical Division

  1. Production: Looking after daily production of vehicles. Includes Weld, Paint and Assemble Lines.
  2. Production Engineering: This department is responsible for improving production process and implementing new projects to remove bottle necks form our processes.
  3. QA & QC: Making sure that we meet all Toyota Quality standards before delivering vehicle to customer.
  4. Product Development & Commercial: product development department is responsible for Product Localization which includes vendor development, ensuring quality and timely supply of all localized parts and regulatory issues.